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Respect, participate, belong, achieve

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School policies

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

PBL is a broad range of systemic and individualised strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behaviour. Expectations for student behaviour are clearly defined and reinforced. Appropriate student behaviour is taught during weekly PBL lessons and a whole school rule focus. Positive behaviours are publicly acknowledged and effective behavioural support is implemented consistently by staff (including administration,  Learning Support Officers, canteen, cleaners and administration). Inappropriate behaviour has clear and predictable consequences. Student behaviour is monitored and staff receive regular feedback.

The main ideas of PBL:

  • To focus on student engagement
  • Preventative emphasis
  • A system based intervention
  • A problem solving framework
  • Promotion and application of evidence-based interventions
  • Inclusive of all students
  • Supports the curriculum

Teaching staff say...

  • "The language works well.  It is consistent. "
  • "Kindergarten understand it."
  • "They like the definite and simple rules."
  • "The tokens being awarded for House groups are building a sense of team work."
  • "The students are using the language of PBL on the playground."

What our children say...

  • "People aren't saying mean things because they're trying to be good and get tokens."
  • "Respect, participate, belong, achieve sets a standard."
  • "The signs around the school remind everyone what to do."
  • "It helps you because you don't get on reflection."

Student Welfare Policy

Click to view the Five Dock PS Student Welfare Policy (PDF 2.8MB).

Anti-bullying Plan

Click to view the Five Dock PS Anti-bullying Plan (PDF 877KB).

Homework Policy

Click to view the Five Dock PS Homework Policy (PDF 24KB).

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